About Me

Hi! I'm Rafael, a software enthusiast and user-centered developer. My coding interest began early. When I was 8 I started using the Level Editors to whatever video game I could get my hands on. I was first exposed to code in a game called Neverwinter Nights where I wanted to replicate features of the campaign, which employed C++ code. Programming gripped my interest, and with time, the complexity of the projects grew both programmatically and in overall scope. Among other things I managed to provide a much-appreciated gameplay experience with Confusion: An atmospheric custom story.

Since high-school I've been studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (starting my 5th year in fall 2020). My passion for software development has been on a steady rise and I'm expanding my programming toolkit constantly. Whenever I do become complacent I take on extracurricular work and have thus worked part-time during my studies. I am extremely interested in ideas and love to explore new topics and fields.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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Lost in the open is a medieval fantasy top-down turn-based strategy rougelike. It is an ongoing project. Later down the road, the plan is to enlist an artist(s) and work tightly to deliver a compelling kickstarter pitch.
Developing in C# and Unity
Load/Save and menu system, UI, gameplay, computer AI and procedural generation.
Large-scale project, 4400 source lines of code spread over 80 C# script files
A game where the player is faced against onslaughts of zombies. Features classic enemy archetypes! Inspiration is taken from the legacy game "Robotron".
My contribution:
Code & game design
Heavily object-oriented
Confusion: An atmospheric custom story. It is a custom story to the infamous horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Most notably, I enlisted help from volunteer voice actors, created my own custom 3D-models and engineered countless SFX, ambient tracks and flashbacks.
Code & game design
Engineering ambient tracks and SFX
Creating 3D-models with Maya
Enlisting voice actors and carving out a story
A JavaScript simulation with some player interactivity. It features rabbits that jump around randomly.
My contribution:
Code & design
Developer of the project "Procedural Generation of Grass Field in Unity" in Computer Graphics with Interaction at KTH. Procedurally generates a grass field using Perlin Noise and normal distributions.
Proficiency with the Unity Engine and C#
Working iteratively, adding features each cycle
Final 6-man group project at CSC 371 - Game Design. It is a stealth-based robber game where the player progresses through gradually more tricky maps. Was the primary contributor to the game's programming.
Developing in C# and with Unity
Team-based Unity development
Further experience with UI, input managing, Unity collab, etc.
A game made during Global Game Jam, 29-31 January, 2020. It is a simple tower defense-style game.
Developing in C# and with Unity
Working under pressure
Working tightly with a tech artist
3D side-scroller where the player has to advance through obstacles while avoiding green acid pools.
Developing in C++ and with OpenGL
Basic collision detection system
Level design
Individual project for CSC 371 Game Design at Cal Poly. The objective is to abduct as many humans as possible and escape before the military destroys your UFO. Note: Image links to the WebGL version which has significantly reduced graphic quality.
Developing in C# and with Unity
Working with sounds, particle systems and animation
Clicker is a React Native game of who can click the fastest and most accurately. Developed together with Jacob Wiklund.
Focused primarily on back-end.
Node.js, WebSockets, MySQL, REST API, etc.
Mastery of JavaScript
Experience with Native App Development


A stickman animation made with Macromedia Flash when I was 12 years old. Loved watching such animations so one day I decided I would make my own!
Went on to make another one.
Learning by doing
Creative ideas
Amazing drawing
Lead writer for the Knell of Godhrkar demo. A skeleton for the story was given on which I elaborated and innovated.
If you're trying to cut in line with a letter of yours - I'm sorry, I can't help.
Story design & writing
Working with a variety of people - composer, artist, programmer, etc.
Organizing documents and files
Creator of the custom map "The Last Heroes v1.02" in Warcraft III. It is an adventure-style map for 2-3 players. It uses the game's own scripting system.
My contribution:
Scripts & game design
A 68,000-word work of fiction. Inspired by the artwork above (Artist: かんくろう). Requires the last step of proofreading and editing.
A sudden near-death experience consumes Mina Hratien and spits out a version that will either be the world's demise or its savior.
Story design & writing
Consistency over months - keeping to a schedule to get work done
Brainstorming themes, chronological events and characters
Feel free to send me a message at rafael.dolfe@hotmail.com. I'll try to respond as fast as possible!
You can also find my LinkedIn and GitHub down below.